About me:

I left Lancaster University back in 2009 with a BSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Statistics. From the BSc course I gained a sound understanding of core mathematical concepts as I was exposed to a wide range of modules in analysis and algebra which provided solid foundations on which to study the MSc Statistics course the following year. I found this course particularly satisfying as I had many opportunities to apply technical knowledge from the theory to construct models for real life datasets via the use of statistical software such as R and SAS. Despite this, on graduating I decided on a change of environment and moved to the south of England to train as an actuary at a large international life insurance company.

I was part of the reporting team and was responsible for the linked life and term assurance models. This meant that the first 4-5 weeks of every quarter were extremely busy as tight deadlines required extensive analysis, efficient teamwork and confident communication skills. Overall my experiences there were positive and I developed many essential skills, however I soon became frustrated with the repetitive nature of my role and the limited opportunities to apply my technical knowledge of maths and statistics.

When I received an offer to work on a project in collaboration with BT and associated with STOR-i the decision was an easy one. I have always been particularly motivated by the effects of applying theory to understand and solve real life problems. So far I am finding that the project is everything and more than I hoped it would be.

Outside of studying I have many interests and hobbies which include travelling and exploring new parts of the world. Past trips include backpacking around Europe and touring the east coast of Australia and the south-west of France in a camper van. This also provided the opportunity to practise another of my hobbies; surfing, which I have been enjoying for many years. I also like hiking, cycling, playing football (despite an innate lack of ability) and (unfortunately) I’m also a keen Liverpool FC supporter.