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DCS.100 - Media Technology

DCS.100 consisted of five 5-week modules that were delivered back-to-back in a period of 25 weeks to 1st-year undergraduate students, who pursued a degree in Communication Systems. The five modules were:

  • DCS.101: Communication Principles
  • DCS.102: Mobile and Satellite Communications
  • DCS.103: Programming for Communication Systems
  • DCS.104: Speech, Image and Video Processing
  • DCS.105: e-Business and IT commerce

DCS.100 was laid down in 2011. Elements of DCS.101, DCS.102 and DCS.104 were incorporated in SCC.160 - "Fundamentals of Communication Systems", which was introduced to the revised SCC degree programmes in 2011-2012.

In 2010-2011, I was invloved in the delivery of DCS.102 with Dr Paul Coulton, who was the module convenor, as indicated by the asterisk (*) that appears next to his name below. Module statistics include the number of students who were enrolled on the module, the number of students who completed the module evaluation report, and the average score in the category "module as a whole".

Shared with Dr P. Coulton*
Enrolled: 48; Responded to survey: 17; Average score: 4.18 out of 5.