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DCS.324 - Multimedia & Studio Broadcasting Techniques

This 10-week module covered the principles of the moving image, the theory and implementation of film editing, the basic principles of lenses and lens aberations, the basic properties of light (e.g. wavelength, intensity, refraction), the operating principles of digital video cameras, the fundamental principles of display technologies and sound recording systems, and the film production process (e.g. planning, storyboard, scripting).

Dr Phillip Benachour, Dr. Lyudmila Mihaylova and I shared this module in 2010-2011. The module convenor was Dr Mihaylova. Module statistics include the number of students who were enrolled on the module, the number of students who completed the module evaluation report, and the average score in the category "module as a whole".

  • 2010Shared with Dr P. Benachour and Dr L. Mihaylova*

    Enrolled: 46; Responded to survey: 25; Average score: 4.24 out of 5.