STOR-i (Statistics and Operations Research in Industry) is a pioneering centre for doctoral training that seeks to combine the studies of the two disciplines of Statistics and Operations Research, through collaboration from the Mathematics and Management Science departments of Lancaster University.

The fully-funded 4 year STOR-i programme begins with a Masters' in Research (MRes) year, in which students receive a grounding in advanced statistics and operations research, as well as learning more about STOR-i's research interests and honing research skills as training for future years. Students then advance to a PhD in their 2nd to 4th years, conducting research on an area of STOR-i research interest in order to make impact on scientific and industrial thinking.

The centre was set established in 2010, and its funding was renewed during 2013 to take a further 4 years' intake of students. Its motivation is to use mathematics to tackle the huge range of industrial problems, and preparing its students for a life in industry through STOR-i's collaboration with its industry-leading partners.