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Welcome To My Website

I am currently an MRes Student studying Statistics and Operational Research (OR) on the STOR-i program at Lancaster University. I graduated from Lancaster in June 2014 with a BSc in Mathematics.

This year I hope to develop the key research skills necessary for me to complete a PhD in Statistics and OR with STOR-i from 2015. I have not yet confirmed my research area and hope the content of the MRes course will help me decide.


During my undergraduate degree I studied a mixture of pure mathematics and statistics modules including Linear Algebra, Differential Equations and Likelihood Inference. Although I enjoyed all of my pure math modules it became clear to me that my real interest was in statistics.

Towards the end of my second year I was starting to consider my career options. I was considering an Actuarial career but the opportunity for further study was too alluring. I applied to STOR-i in late 2013 and completed a STOR-i internship that summer.

STOR-i Internship

The STOR-i internship gave me an invaluable opportunity to learn how Statistics and Operational Research can be applied to practical problems in industry and learn what it would be like to undertake a PhD. My project was joint with the Office for National Statistics and titled "Automatically Detecting Seasonal Changepoints". I was supervised by Rebecca Killick.

I really enjoyed my summer completing the internship and would recommend the program to anybody that is seriously considering a PhD in Statistics and Operational Research. Details of my experience on the internship can be found on the internship blog.


This year is the first of four on the STOR-i programme. We cover a range of Statistics and Operational Research modules including Optimisation, Bayesian Statistics Probability and Stochastic Processes. Full course details can be found here.

As well as lectured modules we will receive training for Research and Industry and participate in the STOR-i Mastercalsses and Problem Solving Days with the current STOR-i PhD Students.