About Me

Education and Background

I graduated from the University of Durham in 2014 with a Masters of Mathematics (MMath) degree. During my four years at Durham I studied a broad range of modules in pure and applied mathematics, including courses in Statistics and Operations Research. My Masters project used methods in probability and stochastic processes to investigate the distribution of the longest edge-lengths in a selection of related random spatial graphs, a problem which sees particular application in wireless ad-hoc networking.

In the penultimate summer of my degree, I completed an 8 week summer internship with 'big-4' professional services firm, KPMG. This was a fantastic experience in the world of business, but it nevertheless made me realise that I should search for a career with a more varied and intellectually stimulating aspect. I was delighted to be accepted to study at STOR-i; the focus on solving real-world problems and opportunities for industrial collaboration on PhD projects make it an exciting and unique place to be. I intend to make the most of my time here to further my pursuit of a career in industrial research and development.

Myself playing piano

Other Interests

One of my main hobbies is playing the piano; I especially enjoy playing jazz and have played in and directed a range of amateur and professional jazz ensembles. Additionally I am also a keen chessplayer, having captained the Durham University team during my undergraduate years I now represent Lancaster University.

I also enjoy watching and occasionally playing football (I support Liverpool in the Premier League), golf and badminton, among other sports.