Idris Eckley joined the Statistics Group at Lancaster University in August 2007. Prior to starting at Lancaster University, he worked as an internal Statistical Consulant at Shell Global Solutions.

Idris is Co-Director of the EPSRC-funded STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training. Together with Jon Tawn and Kevin Glazebrook, he established STOR-i in 2010 and has since co-developed this distinctive doctoral programme, in particular leading the development of its industrially-engaged research activity.

Current Interests

Idris' primary research interests lie in the development of changepoint methods (including the development of changepoint search algorithms) and multiscale methods for the analysis of non-stationary time series. Other areas of interest include

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During his PhD, Idris collaborated with scientists at Unilever Research to develop a multiscale statistical framework for the analysis of textured images.

This theme of yielding insight via novel methodological developments continued whilst at Shell where Idris was a member of Shell Research's Statistics group. During this period he worked with various parts of the Shell group including Refining, Exploration and Production, Trading and Bitumen.

Idris Eckley
Mathematics and Statistics
Lancaster University
Tel: +44 1524 593066
Email: i.eckley@lancs.ac.uk