Departmental & Research Community


Departmental Duties

I have been involved in six departmental roles, details of which are provided in this section. Other minor duties, often shared with colleagues, include the moderation of exam papers and exam scripts of international partner universities, the assessment of undergraduate and MSc projects, the regular appraisal of PhD candidates and the internal evaluation of PhD dissertations.

MSc Director - Wireless Communication Systems

Responsible for the promotion and day-to-day running of the MSc degree progamme in Wireless Communication Systems.
(1 year, 9/2017-present)

Curriculum Delivery Officer (QA)

The main duty of this post is to maintain curriculum quality assurance and, in particular, monitor the peer observation and teaching processes, update the student handbook, contribute to the accreditation process, and participate in industrial advisory board meetings.
(1 year, 9/2017-present)

Plagiarism Officer

This role involves the consideration of alleged offences committed by undergraduate and postgraduate students, the determination of the severity of each offence based on the institutional plagiarism framework and the initiation of disciplinary actions.
(3 years, 9/2013-8/2015, 9/2016-08/2017)

Member of TACT

The Timely Assessment Calibration Team (TACT) monitors the marking of coursework elements and aspires to maintain a high coursework return rate within the department.
(1 year, 9/2016-08/2017)

Part I Examinations Officer

Responsible for maintaining the quality and conduct of the examination process for 1st-year undergraduate students (Part I), coordinating the preparation and moderation of exam papers, collating and analysing the marks, organising internal examination boards and participating in Part I university-wide examination boards.
(3 years, 9/2011-8/2014)

Co-organiser of Lecture Series

Responsible for inviting distinguished guest speakers and organising regular talks for the members of the department.
(1 year, 9/2010-8/2011)

Internal PhD Examiner

  • Yi Yuan, “Resource Allocation and Secure Communication Design in Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer Systems”, Supervisor: Prof. Z. Ding, Jan. 2018
  • Arooj M. Siddiqui, “Design and Performance Analysis of Energy Harvesting Communications Systems”, Supervisors: Dr L. Musavian and Prof. Q. Ni, May 2017
  • Ivan Manuylov, “Automated Quality of Service Assessment in Heterogeneous Networks”, Supervisor: Prof. G. Markarian, May 2014
  • Laura Crane, “Investigating the Role of Context in Mobile Access to Virtual Learning Environments”, Supervisor: Dr P. Benachour, Feb. 2014
  • Nikolay Petrov, “Sequential Monte-Carlo Methods for Extended and Group Object Tracking”, Supervisor: Dr M. Mihaylova, Jan. 2013
  • Sohail Razzaq, “Routing and Mission Planning in Autonomous Systems”, Supervisor: Prof. C. Xydeas, Aug. 2012

External PhD Examiner and Evaluator


“Performance Analysis for Industrial Wireless Networks”

Nemanja Zdravković

Supervisors: Prof. K. Kansanen (NTNU, Norway) and Prof. G. T. Đorđević (Univ. of Niš, Serbia), June 2017

“Iterative Decoding combined with Physical Layer Network Coding on Impulsive Noise Channels”

Yuanyi Zhao

Supervisor: Dr M. Johnston, Newcastle University, UK, Sep. 2016
Owl Image

“Short Codes for Telecommand Space Link”

Nicola Maturo

Supervisor: Prof. F. Chiaraluce, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy, Feb. 2016
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“Cross Layer Design and Evaluation of Raptor Codes for Reliable and Efficient Multimedia Content Transmission over WLANs”

Berna Bulut

Supervisors: Prof. A. Nix and Dr A. Doufexi, University of Bristol, UK, Jan. 2016

“Towards Cooperative Routing in Underwater and Body Area Wireless Sensor Networks”

Sheeraz Ahmed

Supervisor: Dr N. Javaid, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan, Nov. 2015
Owl Image

“Novel LDPC Coding and Decoding Strategies: Design, Analysis and Algorithms”

Jingjing Liu

Supervisor: Dr R. de Lamare, University of York, UK, Feb. 2013
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“Novel Traffic-based Energy Dependent Optimization to Increase the Lifetime and Performance of Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks”

Qasim Raza Iqbal

Supervisor: Prof. K. Blow, Aston University, UK, July 2011

Reviewer of Journal Articles and Books

Reviewer for the following book publisher:
  • Springer, “Signals and Communication Technology” series
Regular reviewer for the following journals:
  • IEEE Transactions on Communications
  • IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
  • IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting
  • IEEE Signal Processing Letters
  • IEEE Communications Letters
  • IET Electronics Letters
  • Wiley International Journal of Communication Systems
  • EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking
  • Elsevier Physical Communication
  • Elsevier International Journal on Computers and Electrical Engineering
  • International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

Reviewer of Conference Papers


Int. Conf. on Telecomm. (ICT), Limassol, Cyprus

IEEE Veh. Techn. Conf. (VTC-Spring), Sydney, Australia


Int. Conf. on Telecomm. (ICT), Thessaloniki, Greece

IEEE Veh. Techn. Conf. (VTC-Spring), Nanjing, China


European Wireless, Workshop on Coding Techniques for 5G Networks, Budapest, Hungary


Int. Conf. on Telecomm. (ICT), Lisbon, Portugal


IEEE Int. Conf. on Commun. (ICC), Budapest, Hungary


IEEE GLOBECOM, Commun. Theory Symp., Houston, USA


IEEE Veh. Techn. Conf. (VTC-Spring), Budapest, Hungary


IEEE GLOBECOM, Workshop on Mobile Computing & Emerging Commun. Networks, Miami, USA

Int. Conf. on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks (CrownCom), Cannes, France

Int. Conf. on Telecomm. (ICT), Doha, Qatar

IEEE Int. Conf. on Commun. (ICC), Cape Town, South Africa


IEEE Int. Conf. on Ultra-Wideband, Hannover, Germany

IEEE Veh. Techn. Conf. (VTC-Spring), Calgary, Canada

IEEE Veh. Techn. Conf. (VTC-Fall), Singapore


IEEE Int. Conf. on Commun. (ICC), Istanbul, Turkey

Member of Technical Programme Committees


Int. Symposium on Wireless Commun. Systems (ISWCS), Lisbon, Portugal


IEEE Veh. Techn. Conf. (VTC-Fall), Toronto, Canada

Int. Conf. on Telecomm. (ICT), Limassol, Cyprus


Int. Conf. on Telecomm. (ICT), Thessaloniki, Greece

IEEE Veh. Techn. Conf. (VTC-Spring), Nanjing, China


European Wireless, Workshop on Coding Techniques for 5G Networks, Budapest, Hungary

IEEE Veh. Techn. Conf. (VTC-Spring), Glasgow, UK


Int. Conf. on Telecomm. (ICT), Lisbon, Portugal


IEEE Wireless Comm. & Net. Conf. (WCNC), Workshop on New Advances in Physical Layer Net. Coding, Shanghai, China


Int. Symp. on Commun. Systems, Networks & Digital Signal Processing (CSNDSP), Newcastle, UK

Other activities

  • Promoted from Associate Member (Oct. 2016 - Jan. 2018) to Full Member (Feb. 2018 - present) of the Peer Review College of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
  • Member of the UK Management Committee of COST Action IC1104 - Random Network Coding and Designs over GF(q), 2011-2016
  • Guest editor, EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, Special Issue on Network Coding, Q1 of 2016
  • Chairperson, Session on Coop. Commun. (3A) and Session on Perf. Eval. (1I), IEEE Veh. Techn. Conf., Vancouver, Canada, Sep. 2014
  • Research outputs evaluator for the National Research Foundation of South Africa, 2010