Supervision and


Taught Modules and Supervisions

In 2010, the Department of Communication Systems (DCS) merged with the department of Computer Science (CSC) and formed the School of Computing & Communications (SCC). The new SCC degree programmes rolled out in 2010-2011 but DCS and CSC modules were delivered until the end of 2013. I have been involved in the design and teaching of modules for undergraduate and MSc degree programmes and I have supervised projects of BSc, BEng, MSci, MEng and MSc students.

The mnemonics of the modules that I have taught at Lancaster University are presented in the timeline below. An asterisk (*) next to a module indicates that I was the convenor of that module for the specified academic year, e.g., SCC.351*. Note that a year displayed on the timeline corresponds to the beginning of the academic year. For example, a module delivered in "2010" has been taught during the academic year "2010-2011". For mode details, please click on the mnemonic of a module or use the sidebar menu.