Supervision and


Project supervision of undergraduate students

The list below summarises the final year projects of BSc and BEng students, the 3rd year projects of MEng students and the industrial projects of MSci students that I have supervised.


Miroslav Repka (MSci Computer Science with Industrial Experience))

"Integrating cluster autoscaler into Claudie" - Placement at Berops, Slovakia.

Victor Boateng (BSc Computer Science)

"Eavesdropping and guessing information"

Craig Chomitzki (BSc Computer Science)

"Guessing bit errors in coded data packets"


Adam Matthews (BSc Computer Science)

"Eavesdropping and offline intelligent guessing of intercepted data"

Cameron Scott (BSc Computer Science)

"Automatic number plate recognition"

Faizal Patel (BSc Computer Science)

"Packet reconstruction in broadcast systems employing network coding"

Mert Lüleci (BSc Computer Science)

"Implementation of an automatic number plate recognition system"


Elena Manole (BSc Computer Science)

"Gaussian elimination algorithms for the decoding of non-binary network codes"

Kyle Walker (BSc Computer Science)

"Network coding for layered broadcast"


Aiden Morton (MSci Computer Science with Industrial Experience)

"Distributed environmental sensor devices; a survey and evaluation" - Placement at InTouch, UK.


Josh Mills (MSci Computer Science with Industrial Experience)

"Investigating the applicability of different distributed system architectures for small networks" - Placement at the Lancashire Local Resilience Forum, UK.

Pavlos Anastasiadis (MSci Computer Science with Industrial Experience)

"Combining energy harvesting with fountain-coded broadcasting"

Catherine Price (BSc Computer Science)

"Exploring real-time flight data recording by SATCOM"

Thomas Short (BSc Computer Science)

"Recovering from Partial Packet Loss"


Maximilian Murach-Ward (MSci Computer Science with Industrial Experience)

"Product Data Management and Sharing in the age of Internet of Things" - Placement at Eurostep Ltd, St Asaph, UK.

James Caldwell (MSci IT for Creative Industries)

"Drone simulator for information relaying"

Botond Hamori (BSc Computer Science)

"Drone simulator for information relaying"


Weimin Zhou (BSc Computer Science)

"Random linear coding in depth"


Daniel James (MSci Computer Science with Industrial Placement)

"PodNode Mesh Tool: A tool that enables advanced usability and data analysis of PodNode equipment" - Placement at Rinicom Ltd, Lancaster, UK.

Sandeep Kalangi (BEng Communication Systems & Electronics)

"Performance evaluation and assessment of ARQ and RLNC strategies"

Neha Kumari (BEng Communication Systems & Electronics)

"Physical-layer network coding for wireless networks"


Sam Kay (BSc Computer Science)

"Development of online quizzes for course revision"

Jamie Lee (BSc Computer Science)

"AutoDarts: Feasibility study of an automated dartboard scoring system"

Joe Priest (BSc Spanish Studies and Computing)

"Improving non-native language acquisition through an adaptive web-based interface"

Hitesh Saboo (BEng Computer Systems Engineering)

"Mutually beneficial cooperation in decode-and-forward symmetric networks"


Kgosietsile Khulekani (BSc Telecommunications with Management)

"Dynamic routing in multi-hop networks"

James Lappin (BEng Computer Systems Engineering)

"Ad-hoc networks in UAV mission planning"

Bandla Srikar (BEng Electronic Communication Systems)

"Coded cooperation in wireless communication systems"


Liam Ellison (BSc Communication and Computer Systems)

"Efficient protocols in cooperative networks"

Andrew Jones (MEng Computer Systems Engineering)

"Random packet selection and forwarding for wireless relay systems"

Mihir Rao (BEng Electronic Communication Systems)

"Efficient protocols in cooperative networks"