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Jamie Fairbrother



  • Optimum Scheduling of Series of Slots with Scheduling Season Segmentation, 2nd IMA and OR Society Conference on Mathematics of Operational Research, Birmingham, 2019-04-26 [pdf]
  • Solving the Slot Allocation Problem with Flexible Scheduling of Series of Slots, INFORMS Annual Conference, Phoenix, 2018-11-04 [pdf]
  • A slot allocation model with queuing constraints based on the server-always-busy approximation, OR60, Lancaster, 2018-09-13 [pdf]
  • Introducing flexibility and demand-based fairness in slot scheduling decisions, Odysseus, Cagliari, 2018-06-08 [pdf]
  • Modelling Efficiency, Fairness and Acceptability in Airport Slot Scheduling Decisions: Congestion-based fairness, INFORMS Annual Conference, Houston, 2017-10-22 [pdf]
  • A two-level graph partitioning problem arising in mobile wireless communications, IMA and OR Society Conference on Mathematics of Operational Research, Birmingham, 2017-04-20 [pdf]
  • A network-based integer program for physical cell identifier assignment in 4G, Meeting of Networks 15, Bath, 2016-05-17 [pdf]
  • Problem-driven scenario generation, International Conference on Stochastic Programming, B├║zios, 2016-05-17 [pdf]
  • Projection results for the k-partition problem, International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization, Salerno, 2016-05-17 [pdf]
  • Scenario generation for portfolio selection with tail risk measure, EURO Conference, Glasgow, 2015-07-13 [pdf]
  • Scenario generation for stochastic programs with tail risk measure, INFORMS Annual Conference, San Francisco, 2014-11-13 [pdf]
  • Statistical modelling of TV interference for shared-spectrum devices, KTN Showcase Day, Oxford, 2013-11-25 [pdf]


  • Julia: A modern programming language for Operational Research, AIROYoung PhD School, Rome, 2019-03-27 [zip]
  • Version Control with Git, STORC session, Lancaster University, 2018-02-15 [pdf]
  • Tips for coding numerical tests, STORC session, Lancaster University, 2016-02-18 [zip]
  • A Changepoints package for Julia, Time Series Reading Group, Lancaster University, 2015-05 [pdf]
  • Make: the universal project management tool, STORC session, Lancaster University, 2014-07 [zip]
  • Introduction to Subversion, STORC session, Lancaster University, 2013-10 [pdf]



  • Changepoints.jl: A Julia package for the detection of multiple changepoints in time series
  • GaussianProcesses.jl: A Julia package for Gaussian Processes
  • TailRiskScenGen.jl: Scenario generation for stochastic programs with tail risk measures
  • SkewDist.jl: A Julia package which implements some multivariate skew distributions


  • kpp: A Python package providing preprocessing and cut-and-branch algorithms for solving for k-partition problems


  • ParallelSimulation: Simple C++ API for running serial and parallel Monte Carlo simulations to specified accuracies [tgz]


  • GaussianProcesses.jl: A Nonparametric Bayes package for the Julia Language
    Fairbrother, J., Nemeth, C., Rischard, M., Brea, J. 21/12/2018 In: arXiv. [url]
  • Scenario generation for single-period portfolio selection problems with tail risk measures: coping with high dimensions and integer variables
    Fairbrother, J., Turner, A., Wallace, S. 21/09/2018 In: INFORMS Journal on Computing. 30, 3, p. 472-491. 20 p. [url]
  • A two-level graph partitioning problem arising in mobile wireless communications
    Fairbrother, J., Letchford, A.N., Briggs, K. 04/2018 In: Computational Optimization and Applications. 69, 3, p. 653-676. 24 p. [url]
  • Projection results for the k-partition problem
    Fairbrother, J., Letchford, A.N. 8/11/2017 In: Discrete Optimization. 26, p. 97-111. 15 p. [url]
  • Problem-driven scenario generation: an analytical approach for stochastic programs with tail risk measure
    Fairbrother, J., Turner, A., Wallace, S.W. 11/2015 In: [url]

Conference Papers

  • On the Development of a Fair and Efficient Slot Scheduling Mechanism at Congested Airports Fairbrother, J., Zografos, K.G. 2018. Extended abstract for 97th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Board. [url]
  • Enhanced algorithms for TV whitespace power maximization
    Briggs, K., Fairbrother, J. 2014 In: Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), 2014 8th European Conference on. IEEE Electronic ISBN: 9788890701849. [url]

MRes Project Work

In a mathematical programme one tries to minimise (or maximise) of a function given a set of constraints. Conic programming is the special case of this where one is optimising the function over a conic section. Conic programming covers a surprisingly wide class of problems and efficient solution algorithms are allowing one to solve previously intractable problems. This report outlines the basic theory of conic programmes before presenting some of its applications. Written under the supervision of Adam Letchford

Particles filters are used to make inference about underlying states based on noisy observations. This poster introduces two basic particle filters and applies them to a tracking problem.

Jamie Fairbrother, Tim Park, Bethan Turner

Operational Research came to prominence during the second world war where it was used to great effect by the allies. This website describes the work Coastal Command Operational Research Section did against the persistant threat of German U-boats.


Jamie Fairbrother

Welcome. I am currently a senior research associate at Centre for Transport and Logistic based in Lancaster University working on the OR-MASTER project.

My interests lie in the areas of optimization, applied probability and statistics, and I have worked on applications in logistics and telecommunications. My PhD research concerned scenario generation which is an issue that arises in stochastic programming. I was jointly supervised by Stein Wallace and Amanda Turner.

I also have a strong interest in developing statistical software packages and have in particular developed packages for Julia. See the Software tab for a full list.

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