Supervision and


SCC.360 - Computer Science Seminars

This 10-week module introduced students to recent advances in Computer Science. In the first half of the module, lecturers and invited speakers presented topics that were related to their research interests. In the second half of the module, students were given the opportunity to select one of the presented topics and write a survey paper under the supervision of the relevant lecturer.

I was the convenor of SCC.360 in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015, as indicated by the asterisk (*) that appears next to each academic year (e.g., 2014*). Module statistics that are shown below include the number of students who were enrolled on the module, the number of students who completed the module evaluation report, and the average score in the category "module as a whole".

  • 2014*Shared with Prof. I. Marshall, Prof. Q. Ni, Dr B. Porter and Dr J. Zhao

    A report was not generated by the Lancaster University Module Evaluation System (LUMES).

  • 2013*Shared with Prof. A. Rashid, Prof. Q. Ni, Prof. I. Marshall, Prof. J. Sterbenz, Dr J. Zhao and Dr Z. Wang

    Enrolled: 19; Responded to survey: 4; Average score: 3.75 out of 5.